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Hi! I'm Peyton Dixon.

Peyton Dixon as Himself

I've been portraying Adams for nearly two decades. Whether you call me an interpreter, an impersonator, a reenactor - it's my pleasure to bring you a living, breathing Founding Father that can inspire you.
Peyton Dixon portrays John Adams

About Adams

"Mausoleums, statues, monuments will never be erected to me. I wish them not."

John Adams to Benjamin Rush, March 23, 1809

John Adams: from the “Colossus of Independence” in the Continental Congress to President of the United States, this founding father from Massachusetts helped blaze the trail of American history, including as first American ambassador to England, and first Vice President of the United States.

But he has also brought many of the motivating forces of this country to the fore: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the foundations of the Constitution.

Peyton Dixon as John Adams

Adams was a bold leader and staunch New Englander; he had the courage to speak his mind - and sometimes take unpopular action - for the good of America. Knowing when to lead, when to serve, and when to bring others to the fore.

Adams was a Founding Father, as human and imperfect as any of us. Fighting between duty and vanity, he saw the larger goal of a lasting independence, and took the necessary steps to achieve them.

He spoke his mind, loved a good argument, had enemies but gained great respect and lifelong friends, including fellow President Thomas Jefferson and his "Dearest Friend," Abigail Adams.

John Adams might have happily remained in obscurity as a simple Massachusetts farmer – but his wife, his colleagues, and his commitment to our liberties would not let him stay silent. While there are not the typical tributes afforded to him as to Washington, Franklin, or Jefferson, he was just as important in history…and just as respected by his peers. John Adams may sometimes stand in the shadows of American history, but his tireless efforts caused the light of Independence to truly shine.


"I shall never shine, 'til some animating occasion calls forth all my powers."

John Adams, 1760

Keynote Speaker

Drawing upon 90 years of experience, Adams can engage your audience with stories and inspiration from America's founding years. From the Continental Congress and the Revolution through his years in the Presidency, let this bold founder take your next event to the past and motivate your future! A time of Q&A is available following the talk to take the experience to the next level.

Estimated time: 10-60 minutes

Meet & Greet

Bring John Adams to the heart of your group! This living, breathing, question-answering, selfie-posing Founding Father brings his engaging wit, his bold personality, and nearly a century of experience to you. Take your event to historic proportions!

Estimated time: 30-120 minutes

Paired Presentations

Adams engages, reminisces, and debates with some of his fellow founders! A lively time ensues when Adams meets up with some of his lifelong allies and enemies! A time of Q&A is always available following paired presentations. 

Presentations can include (subject to availability):

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Washington
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Abigail Adams
  • John Dickinson
  • Alexander Hamilton

Estimated time: 30-60 minutes

Gallery (Portraits and Recordings)


John Adams at the Senate in Congress Hall, Philadelphia.

Adams addresses the crowd at Hope Lodge.

Adams addresses students at Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge.

Adams shares a toast at City Tavern.

Explaining 18th centruy life with Abigail Adams (Kim Hanley) to youngsters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Filming for PBS' "A Taste of History."

With Senator Corey Booker, for the New Jersey Delegation Breakfast.

Adams shares his Constitution with Thomas Jefferson (Steve Edenbo) and Donald Scarinci, Esq.



Thank you so much for your excellent portrayal of John Adams. You truly brought the true John Adams to our group! Your presentation was not only historically informative, but fun as well. Our attendees' rated you at a very high level!

James Pruzinsky

CPA,  Reinsel, Kuntz, Lesher, LLP

Mr. Adams, it was our delight to have you speak at our meeting. Your discourse was most entertaining and enlightening. The members of the company expressed such pleasure in getting to know you on a more personal level. Thank you for sharing your evening with us.

Karen McClendon

Antebellum Bench and Bar

This teacher workshop was very successful and your presentation was a significant factor in that success.  I look forward to working with you both again in the future.

Jeffrey Collins

Independence National Historical Park

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