​Spotlight your Nonprofit ​

Don't just ​bring entertainment...

​Bring Inspira​tion.

You​r ​nonprofit's ​got an event coming up.

Your speaker series, your volunteer appreciation, your big fundraiser.

And your responsibility? Find that special guest. Someone engaging. Energizing. Bold, yet familiar. Relevant, yet unique. Someone who will ​charge up your ​staff, your ​donors, your guests, and keep them away from mindlessly scrolling through their phones.  No pressure, right?

And you've been Googling "speaker" until your eyes are red as the sun rising outside your window.

Well here's an insightful and inspiring guest that ticks all the boxes:

A former President of the United States.

A few centuries former.

John Adams of Historic Experience

John Adams: 

Second President of the United States.  The Colossus of Independence.

Theodore Roosevelt of Historic Experience.

Theodore Roosevelt:

26th President of the United States.  The Progressive Powerhouse.

If you're seeking a one-of-a-kind ​experience that exceeds expectations,

you'll get that and more with Adams or Roosevelt. 

​These icons of history speak to timeless and relevant issues -

Adams: the road to independence, starting a new nation, leadership through adversity, friendship against politics.

Roosevelt: overcoming adversity, crossing party lines, leadership through ​changing times.

When you enlist John Adams or Theodore Roosevelt for your event, you'll get more than textbook history. You'll learn the story behind the history, the humor and hardship of ​their journeys, and the humanity of a President. There's so much to discover, with ​lives, careers, marriages, families and friendships spanning ​three very different centuries. The past comes alive in personal ways, to motivate, entertain and inspire your guests.

Historic Leadership - ​Fresh Business Perspective

​There's a quote from the start of the 20th century -

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Here's a more forward-thinking take on that idea -

​Those who ​are ​inspired by the past - ​forge a path to a brighter future.

​These icons of history are also ​human beings who took the responsibility and effort to make a difference - not only for themselves, but for generations to come. Their determination, character, and ​decisions can impact you and your ​nonprofit- even centuries later.

You get ​More than a Speech - 

​Inspiring Insight

​​​Get to know the person behind the American mythos - hard working individuals in extraordinary times, ​facing their (and their country's) fears and doubts while making the tough decisions.

​Continued Connections

​Beyond ​talking to your ​guests, you can connect directly with Adams or Roosevelt - with Q&A or a panel, or an added cocktail hour or VIP dinner together.

​Personalized Presidents

​Tailored to suit your mission and goals, we'll ​coordinate with you before your ​event's opening - to ensure our President speaks to the needs of your ​donors, ​staff - even your President.

​Our Presidents will meet you where and how you create your event.

​Virtual or In-person Availability

​​Adams or Roosevelt can travel directly to your site or other location of your event, like a banquet hall or conference center. 

Need a more "remote" gathering? Our historic icons can work with21st century technology like Zoom to connect with you across the miles AND the years.

​Guest Speaker

​John Adams ​was a driving force for Independence, and knew when to let others take the lead. He faced many challenges on the road to building a new nation, and did not sacrifice the nation's good for his own popularity.

Theodore Roosevelt ​took on the 20th century, and strove to prepare America for it. A war hero and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, TR was powerhouse in contradiction, but a stalwart leader, taking on corruption, corporations, and conservation.

Our Presidents ​and their stories of triumph and tragedy, and the joys and challenges of a life in service can inspire your guests, your donors, your staff, and your volunteers.

​Museums and Historic Sites

​Your site can take history to new levels with a visit from President John Adams! A living, interactive Founding Father can bring history enthusiasts, and enrich your environment, no matter what your century. ​

Roosevelt stands as a student of history and an advocate for museums. His tales span from hunting buffalo (in a sportsmanlike manner) to conserving 230 million acres of federally protected lands. TR's efforts and legacy reach across the centuries.

Your time with Adams or Roosevelt can include a special presentation, question and answer periods, individual and group interactions, or combinations of the above.


​Having Adams​ or TR as your special guest can draw people inside and outside your circles of patrons and subscribers! A keynote address by the ​"Colossus of Independence" or the "​Bull Moose"  can inspire your donors - and that's just the beginning! 

Additional levels of donations could involve a special audience with ​the President, or VIP seating with the guest of honor during your meal. Enlisting ​an American icon can bring special attention to your group or cause, as well as raising funds.  Take your fundraising to historic proportions by following the link below.


​C​lient stories

​Jeffrey Collins- ​National Park Service

Peyton Dixon, who portrays President Theodore Roosevelt​...He did an outstanding job of talking about his time period, in character at all times, yet making it relevant to today and to his audience.  He was serious, funny, and a thrill to listen to.  I was able to observe Peyton doing informal chatting during the event's social hour, as well as a formal presentation as one of the event speakers.  I would highly recommend him, if you are still looking for someone to portray President Roosevelt.

​​​Brian Cushing - Historic ​​Locust Grove

​We have seen a lot of performers taking on the roles of historic figures over the years but Peyton [as John Adams] was by far one of the best and most professional. Even with some severe technical difficulties on the site end, he captivated a large audience who were in no hurry to leave at the end! We are already scheming on an invitation to join us again!

​Let's make your event Historic!

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It'd be a privilege and a pleasure to help you create - a HISTORIC EXPERIENCE.

​Peyton Dixon

John Adams

​Theodore Roosevelt