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Charles Dickens

the creator of

How do you Change Christmas?

One Carol at a Time.

You know the story...

A miserly man is visited by three spirits, discovers the meaning of Christmas, and is "reborn."  It's a timeless tale. 

But the story behind the story...

that's something else entirely.

Dickens often read his own written work, but rarely talked publicly about his writing those books. And the story behind the scenes of A Christmas Carol? - that's a tale best told by Dickens himself. No one could tell a tale like this iconic author. 

Enter Prelude to a Carol: 

A companion performance to A Christmas Carol.

A Living Story

Prelude to a Carol tells the tale of Dickens' inspiration to create an instant Christmas classic - and his unintended influence of the celebration of Christmas itself. 

Dickens loved to put on a show when he read his own writing to an audience.

In that same spirit, Prelude gives voice to the creation of A Christmas Carol, told by Dickens himself as if he were performing scenes from his newest novel.

Prelude to a Carol is carved from Dickens' letters, reviews, and friends' descriptions. Combining Dickens' life, skill as an author, and flair as a performer, you'll witness Charles Dickens telling a story where HE'S the main character.

Celebrate Christmas with this iconic author sharing his journey to his own Christmas miracle!

Prelude to a Carol Poster for 2021

The Great Storyteller

Dickens did more than tell a story, he created an experience. Dickens was not only an author, but a performer, bringing his stories to life on stages in America and England, where he didn't just read the story - he portrayed every character

During his book reading tours, the author of A Christmas Carol would bring the characters, the emotions, the landscapes to life. 

While Dickens rarely discussed his personal life in public, you have a rare opportunity to hear the storyteller tell his own story in Prelude

Peyton Dixon

The other Storyteller

The Other Storyteller

Peyton Dixon has been creating and performing living historic experiences for two decades. In addition to portraying Presidents John Adams and Theodore Roosevelt, Dixon has authored numerous musicals and plays (Pinocchio, The Legend of Jenny Wiley, Killer Cuisine) that have been performed on stages throughout the United States. He has even adapted A Christmas Carol for the stage, and is excited to bring Dickens' 'behind the story' experience to life!

Praise for Peyton Dixon

Love your talent, use of costume, knowledge of historical facts and interspersed humor...Bravo Peyton!!! So glad I was able to see this tonight!!

Jeff// Gallatin, TN

Peyton is a gifted historian, playwright, and actor. His recounting of Dickens’ life, full of letters, journal entries, and other characterizations, was brilliant and really made Dickens come alive. I love “A Christmas Carol” and this show was the perfect compliment.


Arvada, CO

We really enjoyed the show! Really got a feel for who Dickens was. It was fun to find bits of the actual Christmas Carol embedded in the performance.

Pam// Springfield, PA

The performance was well researched, educational, cleverly woven to show links between Dickens' life and his writing, and fun for the whole family - 3 generations. Seeing Mr. Dixon playing Mr. Dickens playing multiple characters had us all laughing.!

Brad// West Windsor, NJ

Peyton did a great job convincing me that he was Dickens! I love a good laugh while learning something and both happened Wednesday night. Thank you Peyton!



Hockessin, DE

It was evident how much preparation and research went into creating this show! I loved the opening callback to the first lines of A Christmas Carol!...I'm so impressed by the actor's resiliency and creativity in adapting theater to a pandemic!

Kim// Newton, MA

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