Meet Theodore Roosevelt

Actor-historian and Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt impersonator Peyton Dixon makes the Bull Moose bring your event to life!

About Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was born October 27, 1858, and for his six decades of life, he truly lived. With debilitating asthma and poor eyesight in his youth, he still worked to overcome such challenges, channeling the words of his father: “You must make your body,” and “get action; be somebody.” Following graduation from Harvard, he declared his intentions “to be one of the governing class,” and proceeded to involve himself in public service throughout his life.

New York Assemblyman, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, New York Police Commissioner, Governor, Vice President, President – he long belonged to his party but was more devoted to the people. His rather forward momentum caused friction and fracas, within his party and without.

He filled the space in-between these important posts of his life with tasks and interests no less daunting: author, ranchman, hunter, husband and father. In every situation he held, professional or personal, he held fast to what he believed, and practiced what he thought would best serve the people he was serving.

The 26th President of the United States, "The Bull Moose," the "Trust Buster" indeed spoke softly (sometimes) and carried a big stick (often). But instead of swinging wildly, TR used his voice and his strength well, carrying America boldly into the 20th Century.

Peyton Dixon as Teddy Roosevelt

"I don't think any President ever enjoyed himself more than I did."

Theodore Roosevelt, University of Cambridge, England, May 26, 1910

TR - your keynote speaker

Whatever your group, this icon of history speaks to timeless and relevant issues - overcoming adversity, crossing party lines, leadership through adversity, friendship against politics. When you enlist Theodore Roosevelt for your event, you'll get more than textbook history. You'll learn the story behind the history, the humor and hardship of his journey, and the humanity of a President. There's so much to discover, with a life, a career, a marriage, a family and friendships spanning two very different centuries. The past comes alive in personal ways, to motivate, entertain and inspire your guests.

Theodore Roosevelt is a force all by himself, but can also share the stage - Individual appearances and presentations are available, as well as Paired Presentations with his cousin Franklin, or a spirited debate with Woodrow Wilson - even a gathering of the men of Mount Rushmore is possible! Your event is sure to be a Historic Experience. You can find out more by contacting us via the link below.

TR for your business 

Your company will be energized by the spirit of leadership known as TR. As Governor, Colonel, and President, he knew how to lead, but his days in the State Assembly taught him the value of camaraderie. Party lines were not as much walls to Roosevelt as bridges. Despite his affluent family beginnings, TR was a man of the people, as comfortable cutting down trees with his men as negotiating agreements. His Strenuous Life, a live well lived, worked and played, stands as a strong example to "take a stand wherever you are, and be somebody."

TR for your Museum or Historic Site

Roosevelt stands as a student of history and an advocate for museums. His tales span from hunting buffalo (in a sportsmanlike manner) to conserving 230 million acres of federally protected lands. TR's efforts and legacy reach across the centuries. Your time with Roosevelt can include a special presentation, question and answer periods, individual and group interactions, or combinations of the above.

TR for your Fundraiser

Having TR as your special guest can draw people inside and outside your circles of patrons and subscribers! A keynote address by the 26th President can inspire your donors - and that's just the beginning! Additional levels of donations could involve a special audience with Roosevelt, or VIP seating with the guest of honor during your meal. Enlisting this "steam engine in trousers" can bring special attention to your group or cause, as well as raising funds.  Take your fundraising to historic proportions by following the link below.

Meet Theodore Roosevelt

Begin your Historic Experience with Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt!

However you think of me—as an interpreter, impersonator, actor, re-enactor, motivational or guest speaker, or even look-alike, I bring the insight, wisdom, experience and advice of Theodore Roosevelt for all who will ask and/or listen. In full presentations, meet-and-greets or Q&A’s, my goal is to engage and hopefully enlighten. Whether you wish to interact, or simply listen, what I ultimately do is bring a living, breathing, thinking interpretation of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt to you.