​When you can't be there - 

​Be Together.

​Take your event VIRTUAL.

​Sometimes, in-person events aren't possible - due to distance, scheduling, or other limitations.
But that doesn't have to stop your big event.
Conferences, seminars, fundraisers, speaker series, and more can be transformed into virtual events.
And Historic Experience can travel right along with you.
We bring you living Icons of American History to your screens via Zoom and similar ​virtual gathering technologies.

​Historic speakers.

​Modern technology.

John Adams of Historic Experience

John Adams: 

Second President of the United States.  The Colossus of Independence.

Theodore Roosevelt of Historic Experience.

Theodore Roosevelt:

26th President of the United States.  The Progressive Powerhouse.

​You get all the power and potential of a Historic Experience -

delivered electronically to you.

​The power of the people who led this country through challenging, amazing times can inspire your group in unique and powerful ways. 

John Adams fought for liberty, individual rights, and a lasting Independence. He debated, compromised, and persevered through unprecedented times.

Theodore Roosevelt led the nation into a new century, filled with technological advancements and expanding information - but still fought to make sure the hard-working day-to-day lives of the people were protected.

The determination and dedication of these men from centuries past speaks volumes to our lives today - and to a brighter future.

Historic ​Lives - ​Fresh ​Perspective

​There's a quote from the start of the 20th century -

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Here's a more forward-thinking take on that idea -

​Those who ​are ​inspired by the past - ​forge a path to a brighter future.

​These icons of history are also ​human beings who took the responsibility and effort to make a difference - not only for themselves, but for generations to come. Their determination, character, and ​decisions can impact you and your company - even centuries later.

You get ​More than a Speech - 

​Inspiring Insight

​​​Get to know the person behind the American mythos - hard working individuals in extraordinary times, ​facing their (and their country's) fears and doubts while making the tough decisions.

​Technically Together

​We go over the backstage nuts and bolts, and help you make sure you and your group have what's needed to hit the ground running when your event begins.

​Personalized Presidents

​Tailored to suit your ​themes and goals, we'll ​coordinate with you before your ​event's opening - to ensure our President speaks to the needs of your ​group, ​staff, donors - even your President.

​​We bring the Historic Experience to you. Virtually anywhere.

​Keynote Address

​​Bringing you the powerful perspective of a well-known, but very human leader of America. You'll get not only inspiring tales of their lives and challenges, but their character, flaws and all, and how they worked with and past those challenges to make a difference.

Whatever your group, th​ese icons of history speaks to timeless and relevant issues - overcoming adversity, crossing party lines, leadership ​in unprecedented times, friendship against politics. When you enlist ​Adams or Roosevelt for your event, you'll get more than textbook history. You'll learn the story behind the history, the humor and hardship of his journey, and the humanity of a President. There's so much to discover, with ​ ​careers, ​marriages, ​famil​ies and friendships spanning ​three very different centuries. The past comes alive in personal ways, to motivate, entertain and inspire your guests.

​Interactive Events

​​Combining the powerful stories and insights of the Presidents with audience interaction - voting, Q&A, and more - to give your group a connection to the event that will give them a unique experience that will keep them engaged during the event - and talking about it afterwards!

From keynote addresses to ​virtual cocktail hours, our Presidents can ​be a highlight of your conference or the theme throughout. We can work together to create an amazing experience together.

​​Special Options

​​Take an event up a notch with more specialized options - from a cocktail hour with toasts and laughs, to a smaller VIP group that has more direct access to your special guest. Even online there are ways to create those one-of-a-kind moments for your leaders, volunteers, or special donors.

Presidents Adams and Roosevelt are more than presenters.  They're ​engagers.​ Not only do they speak to your people - they interact with them. Imagine being able to ask questions and engage one-on-one with a legend of history who's also at heart a regular person - who likes a good drink and good conversation. You get a speaker who listens and responds to your employees, your leaders, and speaks with them the same way they want to be considered - as a fellow person.


​​Client Testimonials

​Jeffrey Collins- ​National Park Service

Peyton Dixon, who portrays President Theodore Roosevelt​...He did an outstanding job of talking about his time period, in character at all times, yet making it relevant to today and to his audience.  He was serious, funny, and a thrill to listen to.  I was able to observe Peyton doing informal chatting during the event's social hour, as well as a formal presentation as one of the event speakers.  I would highly recommend him, if you are still looking for someone to portray President Roosevelt.

​​Tom Algeo - ​Residex, LLC

Thank you for the company, the inspiration, the lessons of the past and for your hospitality!! A pleasurable experience had by all!! Thank you again kind Sir!!!


James W. Pruzinsky

​​​ - ​​Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP

Thank you so much for your excellent portrayal of John Adams. You truly brought the true John Adams to our group! Your presentation was not only historically informative, but fun as well. Our attendees' rated you at a very high level!


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​Peyton Dixon

John Adams

​Theodore Roosevelt