About Peyton Dixon

Hi. My name is Peyton Dixon - I'm the "person behind the personae," if you will.

And I will.    And I do.

I've got 15 years experience as a professional Actor-Historian. My work has taken me across the country, bringing icons of history to life for businesses, museums, national parks, educational institutions, societies and organizations of all sorts.

And I love it.

Bringing history to life reaches people in wonderful ways. Eyes are opened. Minds are enriched. Young people and adults alike are motivated to learn more, engage more with history and historic sites - they long to preserve the past.

AND - they are inspired to improve the future. The future of their organization, their business, their home, their country.

Because the past isn't just history.

It's YOUR story.

Adams and Roosevelt are not just American Icons - they are everyday people. Adams believed "no monuments would be erected to me." Roosevelt considered himself "a perfectly commonplace man and I know it."  Yet these everyday people - providing for their children, defending their principles, making a living, changing minds - they lived their lives in extraordinary circumstances, and made a difference. These are true stories that needed to be heard.

History shapes your future.

It's inescapable.

But if you learn from history, if you understand the story behind the facts, if you see the people behind the portraits and statues - then you can use history to improve your future. The past can make your future better.

And that's where I come in.

Enlist me to make your future better - with the past.

Follow the paths below to get started.


Meet John Adams

Learn more about the Atlas of Independence, John Adams!

Meet Theodore Roosevelt

Learn more about the Bull Moose, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt!

However you think of me—as an interpreter, impersonator, actor, re-enactor, motivational or guest speaker, or even look-alike, I bring the insight, wisdom, experience and advice of these Presidents for all who will ask and/or listen. In full presentations, meet-and-greets or Q&A’s, my goal is to engage and hopefully enlighten. Whether you wish to interact, or simply listen, what I ultimately do is bring a living, breathing, thinking interpretation of John Adams and Theodore Roosevelt to you.

Unleash your Inner History Geek!