​May Posts

May 4: “To promote and encourage the knowledge”
John Adams' belief in education led to two great creations: state encouraged education through the Massachusetts Constitution, and the establishment of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. All this got started during Adams' "time off."
TR and Governors talk Conservation
May 13-15, 1908: History This Week - TR brings in 38 governors to the White House to discuss conserving our natural resources. Because too many people didn't realize that trees weren't limitless...
Theodore Roosevelt’s First National Park
May 22, 1902: Theodore Roosevelt creates Crater Lake National Park, his first. But it's a beautiful start, and he'll soon double the number of National Parks.
May 28: To be prepared for War
In 1798, John Adams prepared for war AND peace with the French. Today, Congress authorized the war preparations for the Quasi-War.

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