Your Event- 

- becomes an Experience!

​Your Historic Experience can be VIRTUAL!

Your Event- 

 becomes an Experience!

​As seen/heard on:

Biography Channel
National Public Radio
A Taste of History

​​​Looking to make your event something special? 

Wanting to create a seminar, a fundraiser, a dinner, a speaker series that has people putting down their smartphones and connecting with what you're offering?

Let's take your event further forward - with a little help from the past.

​With a hand from a former President of the United States.

A few centuries former.

Bring the Colossus of Independence, John Adams,

or the Bull Moose, Theodore Roosevelt. to you.

And make your event - a Historic Experience.

​How can Historic Experience transform your next event?

​For ​My Business

​A Historic Experience at your workplace, your conference or retreat.


​For ​My​ School

​A Historic Experience at your school assembly or university speaker series.

​For ​My​​ Non-Profit

​A Historic Experience for your museum, historic site or society.

​"Dee-lighted" Clients Include-

Bank of America
Colonial Dames of America
Landmark Events
National Constitution Center
Sons of the Revolution
Exxon Mobil
John Adams Signature

​Thank you for the company, the inspiration, the lessons of the past and for your hospitality!! A pleasurable experience had by all!! Thank you again kind Sir!!!

​Tom ​Algeo - Residex

TR Signature

​Thank you so much for last night. You really were amazing as President Theodore Roosevelt and I think our volunteers and members really enjoyed having you at the event.

​Maiti ​Gallen -Program Director, Friends of Independence National Historical Park

John Adams Signature

​So ​many people told us last night how much they enjoyed your presentation. We all feel as though we know Mr. Adams in a much more personal way after listening to "him" gave information about Adams' background and youth that none of us was aware of. It made him live!​

Karen ​McClendonAntebellum Bench & Bar

​​More than an ​Impersonator: -

​More than an Impersonator-

When you enlist Historic Experience, you aren't just hiring "a guy in a suit."

You bring a living, breathing, interacting John Adams or Theodore Roosevelt to your location.

You talk with Adams about the journey to Independence.

You discover TR, the war hero and Nobel Peace Prize winner behind the Teddy Bear.

And yes, ​we also pose for selfies.

​But you get so much MORE.

Ready to take your event to the next level?

​I want to ​have a Historic Experience

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​I want to ​bring a Historic Experience

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​I want to ​create a Historic Experience

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